After an unfulfilling career in the music business, Matthew Stevens gave up playing keyboards and turned to painting as a means of channeling his creativity. He began to develop a bold new graphic style inspired by the dramatic sports racing prototypes of the 1960s.

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An Original Style

New Approach: During his teens and early twenties he concentrated on music  as his main creative outlet. However while recovering from a brain tumour he started to take his art more seriously. This led to a dramatic change in his style.

Bold Style: Stevens’ signature is now a bold and graphic style that echoes the pioneers of the Pop Art movement. ”I’ve always admired American Pop Art, particularly Roy Lichtenstein,” he says. “My ambition is to work on a really big scale.

Enhance the Image: Stevens’ approach is to simplify the image and enhance the colours to give his art more of an impact. “I believer my style to be unique amongst automotive artists and see my aim as reinforcing the iconic status of the greatest cars through art.”.